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This Dream Vision Launch Digital Planner is part of The GLAM Coach Trademark. ( FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY)

Dream Vision Launch Digital Planner with interactive navigation tabs.

Dream Vision Launch Digital Planner full kit in one Digital Planner. Everything you need is all compacted in {one file to create a digital vision board on your IPad or Android Tablet.} No more magazines for words.

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BLACK & WHITE Manifest Your Vision, Vision Board Book, Journal & Planning Collection & or New DREAM VISION LAUNCH BOX KIT...

This Book Has Everything you need to plan out your year...

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The DREAM VISION LAUNCH PLANNER is more than just a planner: it will guide you by providing guided prompts that will lead to good practices and on the right track to write your vision, set goals, and organize your life.
Manifesting Good Success is what this planner is all about.

The planner pages include:

– A “This Planner Belongs to” page

– 1 Introduction page

– A Create Your Vision Page

– 1 page for short, medium- and long-term goals: “Think about the life you want”

– 1 page “This Year’s Goals Overview.”

– 10 Pages about productivity & goal setting.

– Productivity Wheel

– Pages with prompts for you to write your goals

– VISION BOARD BOOK (with clear directives to help you maximize achieving your vision fast.)

– A “(Not) To-Do Lists” page

– A Check List page

– 12 illustrated pages for each month

– An undated monthly calendar page

– A “Monthly Goals” page

– Quarterly Checkup pages

– A “Reflection of the last month” at the end of each month.

– An “End of the month & beginning of the month reflection sheet” with questions & prompts.”

– An “End of the year reflection assessment.”


This Complete Vision Board printable is what your life has been missing. If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, small business owner, just starting a company, a student starting college, or you just graduated & are looking for a job, even if you are working already and have so many goals in your head you can’t make up your mind which way to go if you are practically anyone with dreams and goals, then this is a good fit for you.

Vision Boards used to be just cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them onto a piece of cord board, but now, you can have these chic, modern, and luxurious words, quotes, affirmations, scriptures, and more {in digital form on your tablet.} You can organize all your ideas and thoughts for your vision with these exclusive words. I am a true believer that if you put it down in writing, you make yourself more accountable and make your goals more reachable. I believe that God gave us power through our words and what we speak, so prayer, scriptures, and affirmations work.

The best part about this Dream Vision Launch Digital Planner is that you can easily{use it on your IPad Pro with Apple Pencil or Android tablet and stylus. Write in, customize with stickers, duplicate as many pages as you want, and rearrange the pages as you like using apps such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Xodo.} What are you waiting for? Let's make your vision come true!!! With this vision boarding system, we listed every word you can possibly think of to add to your board. You want always to remember what really matters most.

Creating a vision for your life can be difficult when you don’t have the proper tools. This Vision Board Digital Planner will help you put all of your visions for your life in one place, where you can come back for reference daily.

Did you know that the thoughts you think dictate the life you lead? Did you know that if you don’t create a vision for your life, one will be created for you anyway?


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This listing is for digital files only. Nothing will be physically mailed to you. {Please feel free to message me if you are looking for a printable version.}

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The Dream Vision Launch Digital Planner is a PDF file for instant download. Once the item is purchased, you will be taken to the digital downloads page. Here, you can download and save the file to your computer. {We recommend using a cloud storage app such as Dropbox to upload your Digital Planner, then save the file on your IPad or Tablet, and open the file in your Note taking apps such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Xodo. } There will be nothing physically mailed to you. The best part about it is identified with you!

Note: Colors may vary slightly on computer monitors and tablets.

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This is an instant PDF digital download. No physical product will be shipped to you.

- To use this Digital Planner, YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE:
- IPad Pro & Apple Pencil/Stylus, or Android Tablet and Stylus
- App to open the file, such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf, or Xodo for Android

Apps to open and use the planner are NOT included.

You must purchase these separately from the App Store.

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