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Manifest Your Vision (Vision Board Kit)

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Manifest Your Vision VIP Kit Includes:
✔️Faux Leather Reusable Heavy Weight Carry All Folder
✔️Black Bling Pen
✔️Velvet Pen Case


The planner pages include:

– Full Instructions

– Vision Boarding pages that allow you to complete your vision right inside the book

– A Create Your Vision Page

– 1 page for short, medium- and long-term goals: “Think about the life you want”

– How to complete a vision board

– Productivity & goal setting

– Pages with prompts for you to write your goals

– VISION BOARD BOOK (with clear directives to help you maximize achieving your vision fast.)

– Mini vision board goal setting sheet cut outs.

– "Monthly Goals” worksheets

– 12 Month checkup/ monthly pages

Manifest Your Vision #1 Edition vision board full kit in a book. Everything you need all compact in one book to add to your board. No more magazines for words.

This Complete Vision Board printable is what your life has been missing. If you are an solo entrepreneur, entrepreneur, small business owner, just starting a company, a student starting college, or you just graduated & are looking for a job, even if you are working already and have so many goals in your head you can’t make up your mind which way to go, if you are practically anyone with dreams and goals then this is a good fit for you.

Vision Boards use to be just cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting it onto a piece of cord board , but now, you can have these chic, modern, and luxury words, quotes, affirmations, scriptures and more to pin on a nice cork board. You can organize all your ideas and thoughts for your vision with these exclusive words. I am a true believer that if you put it down in writing, you make yourself more accountable and make your goals more reachable. I believe that God gave us power through our words and what we speak, so prayer, scriptures, and affirmations work.

The best part about this Vision Board Kit is that you can easily print it yourself. Put your worksheets in a nice sleek binder or folder & buy a cute framed cork board, pin it board, or magnetic board for your awesome vision. What are you waiting for? Let's make your vision come true!!! With this vision boarding system we listed every word you can possibly think of to add to your board. You want to always remember what really matters most.